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Privacy policy

We are Teller, Inc. a Delaware Corporation. You will find us at 120 Charing Cross Road, Sixth Floor, London, WC2H 0JR, United Kingdom.

We collect information from you directly and as a result of your use of our services.

This may include:

  • information your browser sends with each request
  • your email address
  • necessary information that enables us to access your bank accounts on your behalf
  • your bank account balances and transaction history

We use this information to:

  • improve our services by learning how you use them
  • contact you in connection with your use of the service
  • perform actions with your bank with your permission on your behalf to deliver our services
  • make available to you your historical account data after your bank no longer does so

We cannot personally identify you using your data.

Keeping your data secure

Your data is stored on secure servers in the UK. Data is encrypted at rest with AES-256 using keys stored in hardware security modules. All data in transit is SSL encrypted using AES with perfect forward secrecy.

Your data may be stored outside of Europe, where it may be viewed by our staff or suppliers. By using our services, you consent to this.

We do not share any of your data with anyone for marketing or market research purposes.

Disclosing your information

We may disclose data we hold about you if we have a specific legal obligation to do so, e.g. we are ordered by court. We will always tell you before this happens unless prohibited by law.

Your rights

You can contact us to find out what information we hold on you, and ask us not to use any of the information we collect.