Welcome to the Teller API Reference

The Teller API is organized around REST. Resources have predictable, self-describing URLs and contain links to related resources. Our API accepts form-encoded requests and returns JSON encoded responses. It uses standard HTTP status codes, authentication, and methods in their usual ways.

You can use the Teller API in sandbox mode, which is free, does not call out to any real banks, and does not affect your live data. The access token you use determines whether your request is handled in the live or sandbox environments.

Access tokens for the live environment are obtained using Teller Connect when a user successfully connects a bank account to your Teller application.

API Entrypoint

API Entrypoint


Teller uses dated versions with the latest one being 2020-10-12. By default all API requests will use the version specified in the Teller Dashboard.

In order to test a new version, you can request it using the Teller-Version HTTP header. Once you are ready to upgrade to a new version permanently, you can do so from the dashboard. You will have 72 hours to rollback to the version you were previously using.

Specifying an API version using HTTP headers

curl -H "Teller-Version: 2019-07-01"